Custom Solution

Expressway Transportation Consultants is totally focused on managing safety and compliance for commercial fleets of all sizes. Our structure, size and experience allow us to combine the expertise that fleets need with the ability to be flexible.

ETC will meet upfront and develop a plan to ensure we understand your strategy and needs. We will take the time to make sure our program design fits within the goals and objectives of your business.




Depending on your needs, ETC can even assist you with

  • Developing and submitting corrective action plans to upgrade your safety rating
  • Reactivation of DOT numbers and updating of your MCS-150
  • Special transportation consulting projects
  • Driver training and retention
  • Risk management assessments
  • Strategies to minimize your compliance burdens

We will prepare management and driver level reports that can be customized depending on your operation. This allows not only management insight, but lets the driver see information relevant to him and helps encourage safe driving and compliance. It also provides a feedback loop for continuous improvement.

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