ExpressWay Transport Consultancy Experts

Our DOT Consultant has over 22 years in the legal field and pubic safety, 10 of those years being with the Texas Department of Public Safety as an Compliance Review Investigtor.
In the trucking industry, cutting cost without sacrificing the safety of your employees and the motoring public is of the upmost importance in running a successful business operation. Do you have a poor safety rating? We can help. DataQ challenges, safety meetings, mock audits or mock inspections. Together we can make the highways safer.

We at Expressway Insurance are proud to offer HR Connections a benefit administration platform. That will keep your employees/Commercial Drivers up to date on the latest news, policies and procedures. We provide access to DOT and FMCSA Safety documents and compliance knowledge. We provide classes that include but not limited to general freight hauling, heavy equipment, hazardous materials and more.

⦁ CDL status, run history & PSP report

⦁ Assist in carrier obtaining apportioned and/or combination registration. USDOT & Operating Authority.

⦁ Assist in permitting your oversized/over weight loads.

⦁ Provide Hazardous Material (Basic) Training.

⦁ Assist carrier during a State or Federal Compliance Review, Streamline or New Entrant Audits.

⦁ Conduct periodic Mock Audits to gauge carrier’s safety compliance.

⦁ Conduct a complex review of driver and vehicle files to ensure compliance with the FMCSR.

⦁ Perform mock CMV inspections to ensure safety compliance.

⦁ Prepare and submit CMV inspection DataQ’s.

⦁ Assist in scheduling and presenting evidence of compliance for carriers requesting an administrative hearing on compliance review results.