FMCSA Compliance Picture

The FMCSA has been moving towards a performance-based enforcement of the regulations under the CSA program, which can expose your company to different levels of intervention from FMCSA. Your company can be selected for a compliance review or other interventions based on many different criteria under the new CSA program. A proactive compliance program can eliminate the uncertainty during an FMCSA / DOT audit and will help to identify and correct problem areas.

ETC has former FMCSA investigators on staff to perform a “mock DOT audit” of your company, which will help you identify problem areas before FMCSA discovers them. The mock audit and resulting report will follow the same protocols and cover the same factors that a federal or state investigator would use in a compliance review.

The mock audit is a unique opportunity to train your staff and identify problem areas before they become costly. Contact ETC to learn where you stand and what actions need to be taken to improve.