Urine Analysis and Drug & Testing Solutions near Waco, Texas

Company managers in the Waco, Texas and surrounding Central Texas areas who are looking to have their employees tested for drugs or alcohol should look no further than the professional and high-quality service we offer here at Expressway Trucking Consultants.


We are centrally located in Waco Texas with the Capacity to be with you within half an hour of receiving your call. The primary reasons employers use our services are to deter employees from abusing alcohol and drugs, to prevent hiring people who use illegal drugs, and for early identification and appropriate referral of workers who have drug and alcohol problems. Regular testing also helps provide a safe workplace environment for all staff and helps protect the public. It also instills consumer confidence that employees are working safely, and it is important that companies comply with state laws or federal regulations on drugs and alcohol.

When we come to your business, we take all necessary precautions to ensure that the testing is done under strict guidelines laid down by the Department of Transportation. These guidelines include the times and types of tests that need to be run. There are also state regulations that require testing to be done before an individual’s employment, and if there is a workplace accident. The most common type of drug test we carry out is a urinalysis which can be done on the spot at an office or factory. We always tape off the sink and the toilet and put blue food coloring in the toilet water to make sure no-one is dipping into the bowl to get a sample. Any inconclusive tests are sent to a medical review officer (MRO). Inconclusive means the test is positive or cannot be read for some reason. The MRO will take the original sample and send it to the laboratory for a second reading.