Why You Need Us

Let us worry about your drivers’ safety and compliance so you can concentrate on your business.

If your transportation company do not have the staff or resources to maintain an effective safety and compliance program. ETC can use our scale and expertise to provide you with the benefits and resources of a large safety and compliance department. Moreover, we can do so in a way that is cost effective and scalable to your business. Safety and compliance need not compromise the effectiveness and profitability of your fleet.
We allow you to focus on your core business and operate better. Among our strengths, detailed below, are our cost effectiveness, proven processes and industry specific expertise.

Cost Effectiveness

The cost of ETC’s Fleet Safety Service Program is variable with your business activity without high set-up charges and/or hidden additional fees. ETC eliminates the need to invest in software, carry additional overhead or make difficult decisions when business slows for seasonal or cyclical reasons.


ETC has significant experience working with fleets of all sizes. Our experience allows us to integrate our processes within your existing operations with minimal disruption. It also allows us to address the most complex safety, compliance and regulatory issues.

Continuity & Consistency

ETC will provide a service team to coordinate activities between your various locations. This provides consistency and continuity and allows us to develop an in-depth knowledge of your operations.


Size and Focus

ETC is focused on transportation. We are large enough to be able to offer the highest quality services across North America, but small enough to be focused on your needs. As a result, you will have the benefit of access to all of our resources and knowledge to ensure the success of your program.